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Finally! An Empires icon!

I don't have any other Empires icons to offer, but I do have some Obama, Supernatural, Colbert and MCR to offer. To segue into from Empires to these icons, let me suggest that the Empires boys find a way to pitch Midnight Land to the CW for use on an up coming episode of Supernatural. The lyrics are perfect. [Especially considering how much sexing it up has been going on lately.]

Leave a comment, and the icon is all yours. Credit is always nice.
Click my icons tag for a link to older icon posts.

1.taken 2. 3

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13 Bushels of Bad Habits

I think I have a pretty realistic view of global warming and environmental issues in general. I know we can't ask everyone to give up their cars and bike to work. I know we can't put an end to all urban sprawl, or stop new all new road construction that destroys the habitat of a population of animals. But, what I think we can do is work together to decrease the amount of harm and destruction that humans do to the planet. We consume so.much. We can do better.

If we all do a little, the impact will be multiplied by billions. No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.

These are the easy things I do to limit my impact:

+ take old bags to the grocery store with me
+ RECYCLE everything that I can (There really is no excuse these days people)
+ Buy recycled items when I have the option
+ use CFL lightbulbs
+ carpool to work as often as possible
+ use a water filter and refillable bottle instead of new bottle every day
+ turn of electronics when not in use
+ adjust my thermostat just 2 degrees lower/higher for the season, and more for hours away from home
+ do laundry with only cold water
+ take my own mug to Starbucks or to gas stations for drinks on road trips

Things I hope to be able to afford to do in the future:

+ buy a hybrid vehicle, or at least one that gets 50+ MPG
+ power my home with solar or geothermal energy
+ buy energy efficient appliances

Do you have a recommendation for another easy thing that I can do? Please leave a comment!

Use today as an excuse to do your brain and your heart a favor - buy/rent/watch the amazing Planet Earth series and you will be amazed by places on this planet you never knew existed.

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15 Bushels of Bad Habits
I was in need of some new icons and ended up with waaay too many to keep. So! Leave a comment if you want any of these. This set is from the Making of Pretty.Odd. and there ended up being lots of Ryan shots and lots of black and white options. I can add a border or text if you need it. Credit is always nice.

1. 2. 3. taken 4. 5. taken

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18 Bushels of Bad Habits
How about some random icons? From the movie Shopgirl of all things. I found these caps hiding the corner of an old folder, and low and behold, there was the book icon I have been looking for. GIP, two years after making the caps. Ha!

I went ahead and made a few more Claire and Jason icons in case someone else would like one. I thought this movie was beautiful, the colors were amazing. Plus, I have always had a bit of a crush on Claire :)

So, here you go! Comment and one is all yours. Credit is always nice.

1. 2. 3.

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Bad Habits
Get ready for the RRRGLTour with a brand new Cobra icon! I capped the CIAW video for a few icons along with a few new photos.

Comment and Gabe or VickyT can be all yours. I can also add text if you like.
Credit is always nice.

1. taken 2. taken 3. 4. 5. how CMAR of Gabe :)

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6 Bushels of Bad Habits
My last post had a set of caps from the DVD that came with the IOH re-realease at Wal-Mart, and now here are some icons.

I can add text if you need some. Comment with which one you want, and it is all yours. Credit is always nice.

1. 2. 3. taken 4. 5.

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8 Bushels of Bad Habits
I haven't seen much mention of the FOB Wal-Mart Soundcheck DVD that came with the re-release of IOH. I guess the rest of you have more will power than I do :) The performance was recorded before the album came out, and there is a bit of backstage footage and a short interview with Pete and Andy. While they sound great, the guys look generally unenthused to be recording this set in a big, empty theater. I can only imagine trying to get excited for that kind of gig. Then, one look at Pete in the interview at the end if the DVD of sort of sums it all up - he looks like hell. He looks tired and is wearing crazy eye make up, probably to cover up the tired - and to get back at Wal-Mart for bleeping word out of several songs on the DVD.

There are a handful of caps under the cut, and a zip file that contains the rest of the set. I think I cut down from 2,003 caps of Patrick at the mic, to a more reasonable number somewhere around 20. Enjoy.

I will be back a bit later with some icons from these caps, but feel free to take them and do with them what you will.

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4 Bushels of Bad Habits
The new Gerard photos inspired me to make some new icons. Then, I realized I never posted any of the other MCR icons I have made. So, here you go! I can add text if you like. Leave a comment and they are all yours! Credit is alway nice.

1. 2. taken 3. 4. taken 5. taken

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9 Bushels of Bad Habits
Icons people! Icons! Mostly from the video below, and a couple from the Gabe + Ryan interview.

1. 2. 3. 4. taken

more behind the cutCollapse )

And because katienyc's journal is the only place I have seen this, here you go. This interview is really too much fun. And people say they can't give interviews!
Getting hit just makes it more memorable.

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10 Bushels of Bad Habits
I took a break from reading Deathly Hallows [OMG!!] to go see OOtP again this afternoon.  Quite the Potter day!  When I got in the car to head to the theater, Cobra was signing me "Snakes On a Plane" and I was overcome with the need for a Harry Potter SNAP songvid.  Seriously!  Just put on SOAP and you will understand my need. Surely this songvid already exists, right?

So, if you have already seen this songvid somewhere, could you please link me?  It is pretty good in my head, so I bet watching it here on my screen would be amazing.

Or, if it doesn't already exist, could you make one for me?  Thanks.

I am off to finish reading DH.  I think it is going to be a long night :)

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4 Bushels of Bad Habits

These days there is much talk of global warming and our impending doom, but there are things you and I can do to try to prevent the planet's environment from deteriorating. Small things! Easy things!

- Recycle! If you live a town or city of any reasonable size, you can recycle. Just find out how!

- Take reusable bags with you to the grocery store. Millions of trees are used every year to make paper shopping bags, and plastic bags can take centuries to degrade in a land fill!

- Reuse your plastic water bottles. It takes 4 liters of water to make one liter bottle of Evian. Buy a filtering system and make your own good tasting water!

- Take your own mug to Starbucks. They give you a small discount, and you create less trash!

- Replace regular light bulbs [even just one!] with CFL (compact florescent lights), they are 70% more efficient!

We can't all be perfect, but if everyone does something small, we will have a big impact.

And if you haven't seen it yet, The Discovery Channel is having a Planet Earth marathon as we speak. This series is gorgeous and makes you realize just how amazing life on this planet is, and that we really have to do our best to protect it. My favorite quote from the series so far is this, "We can destroy it, or we can cherish it". It really is up to us.


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13 Bushels of Bad Habits
I have wanted to make these for ages and I finally got around to it. I really just wanted an icon of my favorite moment of the shoot [see new default] and figured I would cap the rest of the shoot, too. There were lots of other great moments, but my very not-HQ capping program couldn't get a good image.

But! There are still lots of icons up grabs! As usual, comment if you want to claim one, and I can add text if you need it. I am tempted to put lyrics on all of them myself :) Credit is always nice.

1. taken 2. 3. taken 4.

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DVD icons at this old post.

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16 Bushels of Bad Habits
Icons for everyone!

I went a little nuts and capped the Panic! DVD, then made icons. I kept several for myself, but there are lots left over. Like 70+ left over. Hopefully you can find one in the piles of icons behind the cuts.

Comment with which icon you want and it is all yours. I can add text or a border or whatever if need be. Credit is always nice.

This group is from the backstage/interview segments.

1. taken 2. taken 3. taken
more hereCollapse )

This set is from the performance.

36. 37. 38.
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52 Bushels of Bad Habits
Continuing our holiday cookie making tradition, _lolapalooza and I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. We are waiting for the rest of the family to arrive before we open presents and have our big meal. But for now, we can enjoy what is in these little boxes.

The rest of the cookies will be done later. Can you guess what the theme is this year??

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12 Bushels of Bad Habits
Open icon post! Tell all your friends! Tell all your neighbors! I made waaay too many "Dick in a Box" Justin icons. Some are funny, some are perfect for the holidays and there are even a few of Andy Samberg. I know everyone has their favorite moment, so I tried to catch them all.

Let me know if you want one, and it is all yours. If you want me to add your favorite lyric, I can do that too. Personally, STEP TWO is my favorite :)

1. taken 2. 3. taken 4.
a million other choices back hereCollapse )

ETA:: Here is a zip file of all the caps I made. Thanks to soul4poetry for the video!
JT - Dick in a Box screencaps

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50 Bushels of Bad Habits
The fall is fast and hard, kids. Panic! has been eating my brain this week. If I didn't already love their music, the onstage kissing and photoshoot hand holding would have won me over ;) Oh, and the eyeliner. See my new icon? Somehow Brendon has become my new default icon. What is happening to me???

I screencapped the interview where Ryan and Brendon talk about Brendon not being a virgin anymore [hehehe] and made a few icons. The caps are kind of grainy and the green background is pretty harsh, but I thought I would go ahead and offer up a few. Claim one and I can add text if you need it. And let me know if you are dying for the caps and I will zip them up for ya. ETA: http://www.sendspace.com/file/9tsx9q

1. 2. 3.
4 more back hereCollapse )

This Sarah McLachlan Christmas Album is gorgeous. I can upload it if you want a copy.
ETA: http://www.sendspace.com/file/4ppqaj

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15 Bushels of Bad Habits
Before we get to the icons, this shuffled up on my iPod today and I love it. So I have to share.

Madonna - Let it Will Be (Paper Faces Remix)" - YSI file

Some new icons, some old. I can add text if you want.

1. 2. taken 3.taken 4.Image hosted by Photobucket.com 5. taken
more JustinCollapse )

1. 2. 3.
more JuCCollapse )

1. 2. taken 3.

Get Fuzzy
1. 2. 3. 4.

more icons back here:QaF, Nip/Tuck, Scrubs, 4400, Love ActuallyCollapse )

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10 Bushels of Bad Habits
Does anyone post media without a client? Good lord this took forever. Caps and icons for everyone!

I capped the MTV clips of Justin and JC at Roseland and broke them up into 3 Zip files...Just in case not everyone wanted them all. I deleted most of the useless caps, but otherwise I just zipped them all up. The icons are also up for grabs. Let me know if you want one and it is all yours. I can add text if you have something witty to add :)

These are from the clips of JC being interviewed by John Norris. I think this might be my favorite short JC hair ever. The little bangs! It is about time I had an up to date JC icon!
JCRoseland - zip file, YSI file

These are caps of the performance itself. JC was so frigging bouncy it was hard to get clean caps. Icon choices:
1. 2. 3. taken 4. taken

JuCRoseland - zip file, YSI file

There are also caps of JT alone and with Timbaland. Icon choices:
5. taken 6.

JTRoseland - - zip file, YSI file

I also capped Justin's VMA performance and made some icons. This zip files has a stupid amount of caps, but one might be *just the one* you were looking for.

7. 8. 9. 10. taken 11. taken
12. 13. 14. 15. taken 16. 17.

JTVMAs - zip file, YSI file

More icons in the next post!

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21 Bushels of Bad Habits
The time has come. I used the hidejournal tool to lock all of my old entries. I don't really like the idea of a friends locked journal, but it is something that had to happen. I will probably keep media and icon posts public, but the rest will probably be locked from now on.

If I there is an old post you want to see and can't, or if you want to see future posts and aren't on my current flist, leave a comment and we will see what we can do.

Big change #2 for the night my new layout. The old one went back years, even years before Lola got her own journal, so this is really weird! It isn't green anymore! There are things I would like to change about this new layout [like getting rid of the page summary and adding links to previous and next posts] but I don't know how to do that kind of stuff, so I will just deal with if for now.

One thing that will never change? This icon.

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14 Bushels of Bad Habits